Cypress Survey Dialog Box - KBA89018

Version 3

    Version: *A



    A mysterious survey dialog box pops up on my machine. What is it?



    The Cypress Update Manager periodically launches a Cypress Kit survey request.




    The Cypress Update Manager tracks all Cypress software installed on your machine. It compares the version you have with the latest version available on the web site. You can use the Cypress Update Manager to control the frequency it checks for updates or disable the check completely.


    1. To launch the Cypress Update Manager, select Start -> All Programs -> Cypress -> Cypress Update Manager -> Cypress Update Manager.
    2. To manually check for new software, click the Check for updates button.
    3. To configure automatic updates, click the Preferences button.
        The Preferences dialog box appears.
    4. Use the Updates section to configure the frequency the Cypress Update Manager checks the web site for new versions of the software.
        You can set the frequency to daily, weekly, or monthly, or you disable checks entirely.


    Why a survey dialog box instead of an email with a link?
    The distribution of kits is unique. There is nothing to download, and, in most cases, Cypress has no record of the final user. Therefore, we cannot simply send an email to users of the kit and solicit their feedback. However, the information we receive from customers in our surveys is very important and useful to improve the product. We also want to provide a convenient path to hear of any frustrations you may have during the purchase, installation, or use of the kit. The survey dialog box provides a path to gather this information.


    You have 3 options when the dialog box appears:


    Take Survey – User shall be redirected to that survey’s web page. The user shall not be prompted for further surveys until the next time the Update Manager runs.


    Skip Survey – The survey shall be marked as taken and will not be delivered to the user. The user shall not be prompted for further surveys until the next time the Update Manager runs.


    Don’t Ask Again – The Update Manager shall permanently disable surveys for this system.. To take the survey, uninstall Cypress Update and then reinstalls Cypress Update