PSoC® Creator™ Debugging Error: “No source available, would you like to open disassembly?” - KBA86862

Version 2

    Version: *A


    Translation - Japanese: PSoC®Creator™デバッグエラー:「利用可能なソースがありません。逆アセンブリを開きますか?」 - KBA86862 - Community Translated (JA)



    When I run the debugger in PSoC Creator 2.2, I see the error message “No source available, would you like to open disassembly?” How do I avoid this error?



    If the disassembly window appears without showing the C source code, follow these steps to resolve the problem:


    1. Go to PSoC Creator installation folder. The default installation path of Creator depends on your operating system:  
      • For a 64-bit system, the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PSoC Creator\2.2\PSoC Creator\import\gnu_cs\c8051\1.0\bin
      • For a 32-bit system, the path is C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\2.2\PSoC Creator\import\gnu_cs\c8051\1.0\bin
    2. Move the file c8051-elf-omf2elf.exe from the bin folder to another location for backup.
    3. Download the file c8051-elf-omf2elf.exe, which is available as an attachment with this document, and copy the downloaded file to the bin folder.
    4. Restart PSoC Creator.


    Now the debugger will show the C source code while debugging.