USB-Serial: Reset Pin Configuration – KBA89375

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    Question: How do you connect the RESET pin of the USB-Serial Bridge Controller device?



    The RESET pin of a USB-Serial Bridge Controller device is an active LOW signal with an internal pull-up resistor connected to the VCCIO supply (for CY7C65213) or the VDDD supply (for CY7C65211 and CY7C65215). The RESET line can be left floating as there is already an internal pull-up resistor. If you want to use an external pull-up resistor on the RESET line, a 1KΩ external pull-up resistor connected to the VCCIO/VDDD supply is recommended. However, if you want to use a separate external voltage source to pull up the RESET line, please ensure that the voltage applied on the RESET pin is equal to or less than the VCCIO/VDDD voltage.