Getting the Current Rx Noise Level in the Powerline Communication (PLC) – KBA91094

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    Question: How do you get the current Rx level (noise or data) from the powerline communication (PLC)?



    Band-in-use (BIU) must be enabled in all the devices for Rx noise measurement to work. Follow these steps to measure Rx noise level:

    1.   Enable Tx, Rx, and BIU in the PLC_MODE register (offset:0x05).
    2.   Send a dummy message in acknowledgment mode so that the other nodes do not transmit any packets for at least the minimum BIU interval. For correct noise measurement, the minimum BIU Time Interval should be at least 50 ms.
    3.   Enable Auto_BIU in the Threshold_Noise register (offset:0x30).
    4.   Read BIU_Threshold_Constant from the Threshold_Noise register (offset:0x30) to obtain the noise on the powerline.