Use of the EzI2Cs_bRAM_RWcntr Variable in the EZI2C User Module (UM) - KBA91169

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    Question: What is the use of the EzI2Cs_bRAM_RWcntr variable in the EZI2C UM?



    EzI2Cs_bRAM_RWoffset indicates the start of the offset for the RAM buffer used for EzI2C. EzI2Cs_bRAM_RWcntr is used to keep track of the offset during a read or write operation. It is used as a pointer to indicate the position of the RAM when using EZI2C. EzI2Cs_bRAM_RWcntr is reset to EzI2Cs_bRAM_RWoffset at start of the RW command.