Viewing Data in Management Data Input/Output (MDIO) Registers – KBA89251

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    Question: How do you view and verify the MDIO register contents when using the SetData function of the MDIO Interface to move data to the MDIO registers?



    Check the MDIO component to determine to which REGISTER_SPACE the address belongs. Once you know this, calculate the index needed to access the register by subtracting the initial address of that REGISTER_SPACE from the address in question. Arrays are defined in the MDIO_SLAVE_REG.c file.

    For example, assume you want to view the address 0x8205. If the REGISTER_SPACE_3 starts at 0x8200 and ends at 0x8206, you know that 0x8205 belongs to REGISTER_SPACE_3. The index is 0x8205 – 0x8200 = 5.

    Now go to MDIO_SLAVE_REG.c and check the REGISTER_SPACE_3 array, which is:

    uint16 MDIO_SLAVE_registerPage_3[MDIO_Slave_REG_PAGE_3_SIZE];

    Add the MDIO_SLAVE_registerPage_3[5] in the Watch window of the debugger. Now you can see whether the content of this address is changing.