USB-to-Parallel Converter Using EZ-USB® FX2LP™ – KBA88219

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    Translation - Japanese: EZ-USB®FX2LP™を使用したUSB-パラレルコンバーター – KBA88219 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: How can you use EZ-USB® FX2LP™ to make a USB-to-parallel converter? The data received over the USB should be made available on a parallel data bus on the GPIO pins.



    There are two methods to implement a USB-to-parallel interface in FX2LP.

    •   The GPIF or slave FIFO mode of FX2LP can be used, depending on the external device that is being interfaced with FX2LP.
    •   Without using the GPIF or slave FIFO interface, firmware can be written to implement the same using the 8051 core.