PCB Design Guides for USB Hubs (CY7C656xx) – KBA89013

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    Translation - Japanese: USBハブ(CY7C656xx)のPCB設計ガイド– KBA89013 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: Are there any application notes or design guides for the USB hub (CY7C656XX) PCB design?



    Please follow the standard guidelines for designing any high-speed USB platform (High Speed USB Platform Design Guidelines). Additionally, for EZ-USB® HX2LP™ (CY7C65620/CY7C65630), please refer to the application note AN5044 - EZ-USB Hubs(CY7C656XX) PCB Design Recommendations. For EZ-USB HX2VL™ (CY7C65632/CY7C65634/CY7C65642), please refer to the application note AN72332 - Guidelines on System Design Using Cypress’s USB 2.0 Hub (HX2VL).