Long File Name (LFN) Support with the emFile Component of PSoC® 3 - KBA86941

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    Question: What changes need to be made in a PSoC® Creator™ project for LFN support with the PSoC 3 emFile Component?



    The libraries stored in the “emfilezip\LinkLibrary\PSoC3\Keil_PK51” folder are all built with LFN support. There is no need to rebuild them. The compile errors are caused by the missing FS_FAT_SupportLFN() function. This function is defined only in the PSoC 5 (ARM® Cortex™-M) version of emFile. You can use the __CC_ARM pre-defined compiler define to include the FS_FAT_SupportLFN() function only for ARM targets.

    This workaround will allow you to create files with LFM support:

    #if __CC_ARM FS_FAT_SupportLFN(); #endif