Placing an Interrupt Routine – KBA86909

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    Question: Where should you write the code for an interrupt routine associated with a Component so that when a new Component is placed and the application is generated again, the original interrupt routine code is not overwritten?



    For a Component that you place in the Workspace, you can see an interrupt file associated with the Component in the Workspace Explorer once you build the project. For example, in Figure1, a Delta Sigma ADC has been placed in the Workspace. Once you build the design, you can see the file ADC_DelSig_1_INT.c. When you open this file, you can see a function named CY_ISR( ADC_DelSig_1_ISR1). Please make sure that you write the ISR code between the # START and the # END tags. To enable the global interrupts, also make sure that CyGlobalIntEnable; inside the void main() is uncommented.

    Figure 1. Interrupt File Associated With ADC