Target Device/Device Catalog Option in PSoC® Designer™ Does Not Contain On-Chip Debug (OCD) Parts – KBA87264

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    Question: The Target Device/Device Catalog option of PSoC® Designer™ does not contain OCD PSoC 1 parts (CY8C28000/CY8C29000/CY8C27002 or any other). How do you develop a PSoC Designer project for this device and program this device?



    The OCD PSoC 1 parts for a PSoC 1 device family (such as CY8C28000 for CY8C28 family) can emulate any part number within the given family, so you can select any part number of that device family in the Target Device/Device Catalog option (as shown in Figure 1) when creating a PSoC Designer project.

    For example, if you have a CY8C28000 module, then you can select any of the CY8C28 family devices (such as CY8C28403-24PVXI, CY8C28433-24PVXI, or CY8C28645-24LTXI) to develop your project and program the project on the CY8C28000 device. The OCD parts can be programmed and run the projects designed for any of the devices in that PSoC 1 family.

    Note that the OCD parts should be used only during the development cycle of the project so that you can debug the project. During production, the actual (non-OCD) PSoC 1 parts should be used. So, while choosing the part number in the PSoC Designer Target Device/Device Catalog option (Figure 1), ideally you need to choose the final part that you are going to use in the production run of your application.

    Figure 1. Target Device/Device Catalog Screenshot