How to Retain EEPROM Content during Flash Programming - KBA91233

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Question: How do you retain flash-emulated EEPROM content during Flash programming?



When flash is emulated as EEPROM, it may be necessary to retain the EEPROM content even during flash programming. Flash programming will erase all the flash blocks including the EEPROM content. To preserve the EEPROM content, only particular flash blocks need to be erased and programmed. The documentation psoc_programmer_cli.pdf in PSoC® Programmer™ describes how to use the command-line interface (CLI) to control PSoC Programmer from a DOS shell. The APIs mentioned in this document can be used to build custom code to program specific flash blocks. Also PSoC Designer™ should be told not to use the blocks used by EEPROM. This can be done using the custom.lkp linker file.