Differences Between the Microsoft® CDC Driver and the Cypress® CDC Driver - KBA91559

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    Question: What are the differences between the Microsoft® Communications Device Class (CDC) driver and the Cypress® CDC driver?



    Table 1 captures the differences between the Microsoft CDC driver and the Cypress CDC driver.

    Table 1. Differences between the Microsoft® CDC driver and the Cypress® CDC driver

        Microsoft Driver    Cypress Driver
        Supports up to 460800 baud rate
        Does not support flow control
        Does not support port persistence*
        Supports higher baud rates (up to 3 Mbps)
        Supports flow control
        Supports port persistence*

    *Port persistence: If the port persistence feature of the driver is enabled, and a USB device is disconnected, any application accessing the COM port will not lose control of the COM port session. This means that when the USB device is connected again, the application can seamlessly continue to access the COM port. The control over the COM port is released once the application is terminated.