I2C Block of PSoC® 4000 Family Devices in Deep-Sleep Mode – KBA90958

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    Translation - Japanese: ディープスリープ中のPSoC® 4000ファミリデバイスのI2Cブロック– KBA90958- Community Translated (JA)


    Question: Does the I2C block in PSoC 4000 family devices work in the deep-sleep mode?



    In deep-sleep mode, the High Frequency Clock (HFCLK) is disabled, which means that the I2C block no longer can get an internal clock. However, the I2C block can still work with an external clock in the deep-sleep mode. The I2C block can also wake up the PSoC 4000 family device from the deep-sleep mode on an address match if the “Wakeup on address match” option is enabled in the Component configuration.