Chip Disable Issue on CY7C131E/131AE/136E/136AE Dual Port SRAM – KBA86919

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    Question: Cypress had the following Chip Disable issue with the CY7C131E/131AE/136E/136AE Dual Port Static RAM:

    The Chip Enable (CE) pin did not tristate I/Os of the Dual Port RAM under certain input conditions.

    As per the errata, the issue was supposed to be fixed by April 2012. Has the issue been addressed?

    Answer: Yes, the issue has been addressed. The earliest date code for the new fixed “E” version Components is 1207. This corresponds to the marking on the device in the YYWW format (YY-Year, WW-Workweek).

    Any date code on or after 1207 indicates the new fixed “E” version Components. This means any device with a date code of 1207 through 1213 and forward is one of the new fixed “E” version Components that do not exhibit the Chip Disable issue.