Getting Build Error “Name Translation Failed…” While Building a Project – KBA92308

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    Question: What causes the “Name translation failed…” build error while building a project? What is the solution?



    The GNU Make tool, which is used by PSoC® Designer™ to compile and build projects, uses file names and folder paths in the 8.3 filename format. Windows® with the NTFS file system cannot generate a short name in the 8.3 format for long file names and for file names that contain characters from the extended character set. This leads to the following errors in the PSoC Designer while building the project.

    name translation failed on C:/Program\ Files\ (x86)/Cypress/PSoC \ Designer/5.4/Common/CYPRES~4 - 3 name translation failed on C:\Program - 2 name translation failed on Files - 2 name translation failed on (x86)\Cypress\PSoC - 3 name translation failed on Designer\5.4\Common\CYPRES~4\tools\include\CY8C29~1 – 3

    To resolve the issue:

    1.   Configure Windows to generate a short name in the 8.3 filename format for long file names.  
      1.     Open the Windows Registry Editor and go to
      3.     Verify that the NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation key is present (see Figure 1). Create one if needed.    

             Figure 1. Windows Registry Editor



      5.     Change the key value to ‘0’. NTFS will create short file names in the 8.3 filename format. Changing this value does not alter the names of the existing files.
      7.     Reboot the computer for the change to take effect.
    2.   Uninstall PSoC Designer from the computer and re-install PSoC Designer in a new root folder of disc C, for example "C:\Designer".
    3.   Create a new folder on disc C (for example, "C:\PDprojects") for PSoC Designer projects and copy the existing projects to this folder. Set this folder as the location for new projects in the New Project window (see Figure 2).  

         Figure 2. New Project Creation Window