bFMEA_CheckSensorShort API Corrupts Some RAM Variables – KBA92307

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    Question: The bFMEA_CheckSensorShort API in the SmartSense2X ver. 1.10 and SmartSense2X_EMC ver. 1.00 User Modules (for CY8C21x45 and CY8C22x45 devices only) corrupts some RAM variables. What is the reason for this and what is the workaround?



    If sensor-to-sensor shorts are detected by the bFMEA_CheckSensorShort API on the SmartSense2X/EMC User Modules, some RAM locations may become corrupted. This is a known issue with the user module. RAM corruption does not occur if there is no short detected between sensors.

    To work around this issue:

    •   If sensor-to-sensor shorts are detected, create a hardware trigger (for example, turn on a status LED) and stop using the hardware on this event.
    •   If a short between sensors is detected, re-initialize all the RAM variables.

    Also, please contact CY support if a workaround is required for this issue in specific user module versions.