Using the cyusb_linux GUI for Devices with a Custom VID/PID – KBA91950

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    Question: How do you make a device with a custom vendor identification (VID) number / product identification (PID) number visible on the cyusb_linux GUI?



    By default, the cyusb_linux GUI (Control Center equivalent for Linux) only shows devices with a Cypress® VID (0x04B4) and PIDs contained in the /etc/cyusb.conf file.

    If you are using a Cypress VID (0x04B4) and any PID that is not present in the /etc/cyusb.conf file, you will have to add the VID (0x04B4) and the PID to the end of the /etc/cyusb.conf file. You will need root permissions to do this. If the cyusb_linux GUI is already open, close it and start it again. The device will now appear in the cyusb_linux GUI.

    If you are using a non-Cypress VID, follow the steps below. For this example, the VID is 0x04FF and the PID is 0xFF.

    1.   Add the VID and PID in /etc/cyusb.conf as shown in Figure 1. You will need root permissions.  

         Figure 1. FX3™ Custom VID-PID Added to cyusb.conf File


         FX3 custom

    2.   For a non-Cypress VID, you will need to make changes in the /etc/udev/rules.d/88-cyusb.rules file as well. You will need root permissions. Copy lines four and five of the 88-cyusb.rules file and paste it back into the file with ATTR{idVendor}==”04b4” changed to ATTR{idVendor}==”, as shown in Figure 2.  

         Figure 2. ATTR{idVendor}==”04ff” Added in the 88-cyusb.rules File


         rules file

    3.   Close and restart the cyusb_linux GUI. The device with a custom VID/PID will now appear in the GUI as shown in Figure 3.  

         Figure 3. Device with VID=0x04ff and PID=0x00ff Now Appears in the cyusb_linux GUI


         linux GUI