EZ-USB® CX3™ Configuration Tool Not Found in the EZ-USB FX3™ SDK - KBA93017

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    Question: What do you do if the CX3™ receiver configuration tool is not found in the FX3™ SDK?



    The CX3 receiver configuration tool is an Eclipse plug-in. It can be found in the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) under File > New > Other > Cypress. If it is not found, there may be an issue with Eclipse on loading the CX3 receiver configuration tool plug-in, probably because of corrupt settings on the user machine or registry.

    Please use the following workaround to fix this issue:

    1.   Go to the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\”
    2.   Ctrl + Shift + right-click the "1.3" folder
    3.   Select the Open Command Window Here option. The command prompt will open.
    4.   Now type ezusbsuite.exe –clean and press Enter.

    This Eclipse command cleans up all the existing caches and reloads all the plug-ins. This command only needs to be run once. Eclipse will open. You can now find the CX3 configuration tool in
    File > New > Other > Cypress.