PSoC® Creator™ 3.0 Bootloader with PSoC 4 Devices with Less Than 32K Flash – KBA91658

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC® Creator™ 3.0 フラッシュ 32K 未満の PSoC 4 デバイスのブートローダ - KBA91658 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: How do I make the PSoC® Creator™ 3.0 Bootloader Component work with a PSoC 4 device with less than 32K flash?



    A defect exists in PSoC Creator 3.0 that causes the bootloader to halt and stop working in any PSoC 4 part with less than 32K flash. The defect is fixed in the latest PSoC Creator 3.0 SP1, which can be downloaded from

    Note that the file cydevice_trm.h may be automatically regenerated after a build, which will overwrite the change. So after building your bootloader project, you may have to modify the file again and rebuild.

    A workaround exists. After the bootloader project is built, go to the PSoC Creator Workspace Explorer window, navigate to the folder Generated Source > PSoC 4, open the file cydevice_trm.h, and change

    #define CYDEV_FLASH_SIZE 0x00008000u

    to one of the following:

    #define CYDEV_FLASH_SIZE 0x00004000u

    #define CYDEV_FLASH_SIZE 0x00002000u

    You must change the CYDEV_FLASH_SIZE macro definition to 0x00004000u for devices with 16K flash and 0x00002000u for devices with 8K flash.

    After making the change, rebuild the bootloader and all associated bootloadable projects.