Statuses of USB-Serial GPIOs During Power Up and Enumeration - KBA90980

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    Question: What are the statuses of USB-Serial GPIOs during power up and enumeration?



    The statuses of the GPIOs during power up and enumeration are determined by their configuration settings. The Cypress USB-Serial Configuration Utility allows you to configure the GPIOs in one of the following states:

    •   Drive 0
    •   Drive 1
    •   Input
    •   Tristate

    Once the GPIOs are configured to one of the above mentioned states using the USB Serial Configuration Utility, the USB-Serial device will maintain the respective configured states during power up and enumeration. The default drive mode of the GPIOs is Tristate. If you have not configured your GPIOs through the Configuration Utility, the GPIOs will be in Tristate during power up and enumeration.