Attaching a MiniProg3 to a Running PSoC® 3 Causes a Reset – KBA83516

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    Question: When you attach a MiniProg3 to your board or development kit with a program already running, it causes the device to reset. If you are debugging a problem, you will lose your work. What causes this issue? What is the solution?



    Answer: Attaching the MiniProg3 to a running target device may create a voltage sag or dip on the RESET line. This toggles the XRES line for the target device, causing the device to reset. To work around this issue, please use one of the following methods:

    •   Connect the cable to the board. Click the Attach to running target button in PSoC Creator™, and then connect the cable to the MiniProg3.
    •   Before clicking the Attach to running target button, make the XRES selection in PSoC Creator equal to ‘1’. This enables the high-speed level translator and power-on VTARG on the MiniProg3. This precharges the cable from the MiniProg3 and prevents any cable capacitance from resetting the target device. Once the selections have been made, connect the MiniProg3 to the target.