Similarities and Differences Between the CY7C199C and CY7C199CN Parts – KBA91346

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    Question: What are the main similarities and differences between the CY7C199C and CY7C199CN Async Fast SRAMs?



    Both CY7C199C and CY7C199CN are Asynchronous Fast SRAMs based on 0.25 μm technology.

    There is no difference in form, fit or functionality of the parts CY7C199C and CY7C199CN. The CY7C199CN has a Nitride Seal Mask (NSM) that defines an impermeable moisture barrier around the perimeter of the die, which enhances reliability. No other layer has been added.

    Also, please note that the CY7C199C part is obsolete. Both parts are offered in the 28-pin DIP and SOJ packages. The CY7C199C was also offered in the 28-TSOP package. This package is not supported in CY7C199CN.

    CY7C199C was offered in 12-, 15-, and 20-ns speed grades while CY7C199CN is offered only in the 15-ns speed grade.