PSoC® 4 Direct Memory Access (DMA) – KBA96963

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Question: Which PSoC 4 devices support Direct Memory Access (DMA)? How can I use the PSoC 4 DMA?



DMA is supported by the PSoC 4200M family of devices.

If you are new to DMA, read AN52705 - PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5LP - Getting Started with DMA to understand the terms such as channel and descriptor.

The PSoC 4 DMA supports up to 32 DMA channels and two independent descriptors per channel. You can use the PSoC 4 DMA in your design by placing the DMA Component in the PSoC Creator TopDesign schematic of your design. Right-click on the DMA Component in the TopDesign and open the Component datasheet for detailed explanation on how to use the DMA Component (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Open DMA Component Datasheet

PSoC Creator also provides examples which demonstrate how to use the PSoC 4 DMA. These examples can be accessed from the PSoC Creator menu File > Example Project.

Figure 2. Find DMA Example Project in PSoC Creator

You can also find an additional example project that uses PSoC 4 DMA in CY8CKIT-044 PSoC 4 M-Series Pioneer Kit example projects. The CY8CKIT_044_Sensor_Hub example project provided with the PSoC 4 M-Series Pioneer Kit shows how to transfer data collected by the PSoC 4 ADC from an ambient light sensor to the PSoC 4 internal SRAM using DMA.