PSoC® 4 Analog Routing – KBA96941

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    Question: Where can I view and edit PSoC 4 analog routing in PSoC Creator™?



    You can view the analog routing of a schematic by opening the design wide resources (cydwr) window in PSoC Creator and selecting the “Analog” tab as Figure 1 shows.

    Figure 1. Opening the Analog Viewer

    You should build the project to view how your schematic is mapped to the analog resources inside PSoC. Figure 2 shows an example schematic and the corresponding analog routing.

    Figure 2. Example Routing



    You can also edit the Component-to-resource mapping in this window. For example, if you want to relocate an Opamp, right-click the Opamp, select “Relocate,” and then select the desired location, as Figure 3 shows.

    Figure 3. Relocating a Component