PSoC® 4 BLE: Using Internet Protocol Support Service (IPSS) with the Ratio of L2CAP MTU to MPS > 12 Leads to Application Misbehavior – KBA98654

Version 4

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC® 4 BLE: インターネット プロトコル サポート サービス (IPSS) を L2CAP MTU 対 MPS > 12 で使用した場合の動作不具合 - KBA98654 - Community Translated (JA)



    While using IPSS with L2CAP Connection Oriented channel configured for MTU/MPS > 12, application behavior is impacted due to buffer overflow. The behavior is seen with the BLE Component version 2.0 released with PSoC Creator 3.2



    The behavior is seen only when the ratio of L2CAP MTU size to MPS size is more than 12.


    As a workaround, configure the L2CAP MTU size as the same as the L2CAP MPS size in the BLE Component Configuration > L2CAP Settings. The value of MPS size does not impact the data length that the application can send to the BLE Stack, so this containment action does not affect the performance.


    MTU = Maximum Transmission Unit
    MPS = Maximum PDU payload size