Cypress Copper Lead Frame Pb-free Flash Memory Products Using Matte Tin Plating - KBA203668

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    Translation - Japanese: 銅(Cu) リードフレームを使用し、鉛(Pb) フリーのCypress Flash Memory製品の無光沢錫(Sn) メッキについて - KBA203668 - Community Translated (JA)



    Why do Cypress Cu (Copper) lead frame Pb-free Flash memory products use matte Sn (Tin) plating even though there are concerns regarding whisker growth?



    Matte Sn plating has been chosen for Cypress Cu lead frame Pb-free (lead-free) Flash memory products for the following reasons:

    • Matte Sn is compatible with existing SnPb and Pb-free board assembly processes.
    • Matte Sn has a higher melting point than other Pb-free alternatives, which makes it acceptable for automotive and high temperature applications.

    All matte Sn finishes are qualified according to stringent JEDEC standards. To date, no failures related to whisker growth have been observed for the matte Sn plating chemistry qualified for Cypress memory products.