What Kind of Reliability Issues May Be Experienced with Flash Devices that Have Been in Storage for an Extended Amount of Time? - KBA203743

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    Translation - Japanese: 長期間保管されているFlash Memoryにおいて、発生が懸念される信頼性の問題について - KBA203743 - Community Translated (JA)



    What kind of reliability issues may be experienced with Flash devices that have been in storage for an extended amount of time?



    The functionality and reliability of the product should be unaffected. However, it is possible that because of moisture ingress and subsequent corrosion or contamination, package leads or solder spheres might not fully wet to the solder paste, resulting in unformed or incomplete bonds to the printed wiring board. This is why Cypress recommends solder ability testing and a board mounting evaluation prior to full production.The "Long Term Storage Of Packaged Semiconductor IC Product" application note may provide additional helpful information: