L2CAP Connection Parameters for Apple Devices – KBA203284

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    Translation - Japanese: Appleデバイス用のL2CAPコネクションパラメータ– KBA203284- Community Translated (JA)



    What are the conditions to be met while setting the connection parameters for Apple devices?



    The peripheral must take care of the parameters used for low-energy connection. The peripheral should request connection parameters appropriate for its use case by sending an L2CAP Connection Parameter Update after the connection is established.

    The connection parameter request should meet the following conditions:


    ● Maximum Connection Interval × (Slave Latency + 1) ≤ 2 seconds


    ● Minimum Connection Interval ≥ 20 ms


    ● Minimum Connection Interval + 20 ms ≤ Interval Maximum Slave Latency ≤ 4


    ● Connection Supervision Timeout ≤ 6 seconds


    ● Maximum Connection Interval × (Slave Latency + 1) × 3 < Connection Supervision Timeout


    If a Bluetooth Low Energy human interface device (HID) is one of the connected services of an accessory, connection interval down to 11.25 ms may be accepted by the Apple product.