Voltage Ramp Rate Required for F-RAM™ Devices - KBA204270

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    Translation - Japanese: F-RAM™デバイスに必要な電圧のランプレート - KBA204270 - Community Translated (JA)



    Can the power supply ramp up faster than the values specified in the F-RAM datasheet?



    The tVR and tVF parameters given in F-RAM datasheets specify the power up and power down ramp rates required for Cypress FRAM devices. Note that the unit of the time is specified as µs/V and is a minimum specification. This is the minimum time required for a 1-V change in supply voltage.


    Example: For the part FM24CL16B, tVR = 30 µs/V


    This part will work properly if the power up ramp rate is more than 30 µs/V, meaning that the power supply should ramp up slowly for proper operation. However, if the power supply ramps up quicker than 30 µs/V, it will cause undesired behavior in the F-RAM.


    Cypress does not guarantee the proper operation of F-RAMs if the power up/down ramp rate exceeds the datasheet limits.


    Please refer below diagram for more details.