Cypress FFS Field Upgrade - KBA202147

Version 2

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    Translation - Japanese: Cypress FFSのフィールドアップグレード - KBA202147 - Community Translated (JA)



    Can I upgrade my products in the field to a new version of Cypress FFS?



    Yes. Please note that between Cypress FFS version 2.x.x and 4.x.x, there was a change to the on-disk format, and the FTL_FLASH_IMAGE_VERSION define was updated.


    FFS Package VersionV4.x.xV2.x.x


    The old version of Cypress FFS code cannot run properly on the new disk format, but the new code can run properly on the old disk format. When upgrading products, which were previously formatted with the old version of Cypress FFS, change FTL_CHECK_VERSION to FTL_FALSE in the ftl_if_ex.h file. 


    Without this change from the default configuration, the new code may run for some time, but eventually encounter warnings like:


    Inconsistency between oldSysBlock and eraseStatus is detected on block 746. Set EraseStatus as FALSE to erase the EB anyway