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    What are the additional features in PSoC® 4100L / 4200L devices compared to the PSoC® 4100M / 4200M family of devices?



    PSoC® 4100L and 4200L are the most feature-rich parts in the PSoC® 4 family of devices, providing the following additional features compared to PSoC® 4100M / 4200M devices:


    • Double the amount of memory : Up to 256 KB of flash and 32 KB of SRAM
    • Increase in the number of programmable GPIOs from 56 to 98
    • PSoC 4200L devices have eight programmable logic blocks (UDBs) compared to four in PSoC 4200M
    • Two-channel CapSense® – provides better scan times and response
    • USB Full-Speed device interface - 12 Mb/sec with Battery Charger Detect capability


    Figure 1 shows the architecture diagram of a PSoC® 4200L device. For more information, see AN79953 - Getting Started with PSoC 4


    Figure 1. PSoC 4200L Architecture