PSoC® Creator™ Component Version Update Process Loses Changes I Made to a Component - KBA10438

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Why are the changes I made to a component lost after I do a component version update?



The Component Update Tool (CUT) replaces instances of a component with the latest version. If the new version does not include edits made to prior versions that functionality will be missing after the update.

How does this situation occur? 

Most likely, you have made a copy of a Cypress component (for example, PWM or Counter), and made changes to your copy. When the Cypress component is updated to a new version, typically with a new release of software, you are prompted to update the component. The CUT replaces your copy with the new version of the Cypress component. To resolve this, rename your component so the CUT will not associate it with the newer version of the Cypress component. 

It is also possible that you created a component with the same name as a component in a different library. The CUT operates on all components not just those distributed by Cypress. So the same behavior occurs as for the Cypress components. The solution is again to rename the component to give it a unique name.