PSoC® Designer 5.0 Becomes Unresponsive During Build - KBA99273

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    PSoC® Designer always becomes unresponsive during the generate/build process. How can this issue be resolved?



    This may be an issue of the Webcam effects service from Logitech called "LVPrcSrv" in conflict with PSoC® Designer 5.0. If this service is stopped, PSoC® Designer 5.0 works without issues. If this service is restarted, PSoC® Designer becomes unresponsive again.


    According to one Logitech user's forum (, this is a known problem with the LVPrcSrv software. Because the LVPrcSrv software doesn't affect the normal operation of the Webcam, the workaround is to set the startup type of the LVPrcSrv service to manual to prevent conflicts with PSoC Designer 5.0.