Programming PSoC® 1 Devices from LabView - KBA90753

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    Translation - Japanese: LabViewからのPSoC®1デバイスのプログラミング - KBA90753 - Community Translated (JA)



    How can I program PSoC® 1 devices using MiniProg1 from LabView?



    To program PSoC® 1 devices using MiniProg1 from LabView, use the CLI-based programming option provided by PSoC Programmer.


    See PSoC Programmer CLI Guide for examples of programming PSoC® 1 devices using Command Line Interface. View this document from PSoC Programmer’s Help menu (Help > Documentation > psoc_programmer_cli.pdf).


    After writing the sequence of commands for programming PSoC® 1 devices over CLI, invoke command Line on LabView, and use the same sequence of commands to program PSoC® 1 devices from LabView.


    Note: PSoC Programmer and LabView must be installed on the same machine.