Diode Temperature Measurement Using CY8CKIT-025 - KBA97948

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    Translation - Japanese: CY8CKIT-025を使用したダイオード温度測定 - KBA97948 - Community Translated (JA)



    Diode temperature measurement in my CY8CKIT-025 shows the correct temperature only when both the diodes are installed. Why?



    The base and collector of the transistors that are shipped with the kit are not soldered as specified in the section 3.3.4 of the User Guide. Please solder the base and collector terminals of the transistors as explained in the kit User guide to use the diodes for temperature measurement. Otherwise, you have to install both the diodes (at least the emitter short wires (J8 3-4, J8 7-8) for the diode temperature to be right. When you install both diodes, the emitter short wire of one diode shorts the base and collector of the other diode.