F2MC-16LX Flash security

Version 3


    By FLASH security, unauthorized copying of program can be protected.


    FLASH MCU for F2MC-16LX family has products with FLASH security. (e.g. MB90F543G/GS,MB90F443,MB90F394MB90F347 and others, products with FLASH security are described in Hardware manual.)


    Security function of FLASH memory?


    This function is to prevent to read the contents of FLASH memory in MCU.
    By using this function…


    Possible to prevent to flow data out with parallel programmer
    Possible to prevent to flow data out with serial programmer



    This function is suitable for applications requiring security of self-containing and data stored in the flash memory.


    When specified address in FLASH memory is programmed security code, it is impossible to read value in internal memory with parallel writer, serial writer and others.



    How to use FLASH Security


    Flash Security Function is different from memory size of each product.


    example) 128kB flash memory: If the protection code of "01H" is written to "FE0000H" address, access to the flash memory is restricted.


    In order to re-program the once protected flash memory, the chip erase operation should be performed.


    (Note) Writing the protection code is generally recommended to take place at the end of the flash programming.


    In order to program for MCU, MCU is needed to erase all.