Methods to Upgrade Firmware on CCG3 Devices – KBA210974

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    Translation - Japanese: CCG3 デバイスのファームウェアを更新する方法 - KBA210974 - Community Translated (JA)



    What are the methods to upgrade firmware on CCG3 devices?



    The firmware on CCG3 devices can be upgraded using one of the following methods:


    1. Using SWD lines along with the PSoC Programmer software and MiniProg3 device (click here to purchase) for any application in general.
    2. Using I2C bootloader, which is supported for PC/Tablet/mobile phone applications. The application firmware can be upgraded via the I2C bootloader from an applications processor (in the case of tablets and mobile phones) or an embedded controller in the case of PC applications.
    3. Using the bootloader supported over CC line for power adapter, power bank, and active cable applications.


    All firmware upgrades are supported over the EZ-PD Configuration Utility and a CY4501 CCG1 host board.