F2MC-16LX Flash serial writing

Version 3


    Our MCU can be programmed with two serial, and CAN MCU can be programmed with further one serial.
    The detailed is as following.


    Program with FLASH serial writer for using SIO


    FUJITSU Standard Serial Programming (W/E)


    System configuration




    Writing Time


    Items Time Remarks
    ERASEapprox. 6.5sdevice: MB90F553A
        FLASH size: 128KB
        Target internal frequency: 16MHz
        transmission speed: 1.25Mbps
    BLANK CHECKapprox. 0.5s
    PROGRAM/SUM VERIFYapprox. 3.5s
    E.P.Rapprox. 9.5s


    Program with PC serial programming for using UART


    FUJITSU PC Serial Programming (W/E)




    Writing time of PC Serial Programming


    Item Time Remarks
    PROGRAM+VERIFYApprox. 40sDevice: MB90F553A
        FLASH size: 128KB
        Target internal frequency: 16MHz


    (Note) The frequency of the crystal oscillator that can be specified for each type of microcontroller is limited.
    (Note) Regarding compatible microcontroller of PC serial writer, please contact Fujitsu.


    Program with FLASH serial via CAN


    To program with serial writer (e.g. YDC products) via CAN to FLASH MCU is supported.
    At first of all, boot program (possible to get from YDC) is needed to be programmed already to FLASH MCU, but it can be programmed to FLASH MCU via CAN by it.