F2 MC-16LX How to set the native mode and debug mode for tool

Version 2

    Version: **



    The MCU operation mode may be either Debug Mode or Native Mode.


    Debug mode


    Debug mode allows analysis of all of the operations of the evaluation chip. However, because the operating speed of the evaluation chip is slower than of a mass-produced chip.


    Native mode


    Native mode operates the evaluation chip at the same timing of a mass-produced chip.


    However, some caution is necessary because debugging functions are restricted.


    The following functions are restricted.


    1. At occurring data read access in internal bus, sampling of internal bus access information in trace buffer is not performed
    2. Even if data break or event access condition for data in internal bus is set, break factor or trigger factor of sequencer my be not generated.
    3. For coverage function, data access for data in internal bus may be not able to detect.