F2MC-16LX How to make the ROM efficient C source

Version 2

    Version: **





    1. Using the _direct declaration (C Analyzer enables to detect candidate for efficient _direct.)
        To improve the ROM code efficiency of C source, it is possible to improve by defining static variables as _direct declaration ones.
        The _direct declaration variables are in 256Byte (min.). It is efficient way to define frequent used variables as _direct declaration in order.
        direct declaration sample:
        _direct unsigned char port_new,port_old,port1_data;
        _direct unsigned int time;
        void main(void)
    2. Using the in-line. (C Analyzer enables to detect candidate for in-line expansion.)
        When defining the function of the small code size with argument as static function and implementing in-line expansion, which allow to reduce the code size.
        To implement in-line expansion of static declaration function, the -xauto option need specifying before compiling the source program.
        Example of in-line expansion:
        static Proc7 (IntParI1, IntParI2, IntParOut)
        OneToFifty IntParI1;
        OneToFifty IntParI2;
        OneToFifty *IntParOut;
        REG OneToFifty IntLoc;
        IntLoc = IntParI1 + 2;
        *IntParOut = IntParI2 + IntLoc;
    3. Using the built-in function
        When performing a multiplication and a division by C language, the code size is too big bye using the libraries of div/mul/mod.
        Therefore F2 MC-16LX family allow to use these built-in functions of _mul( )/_div( )/_mod( ). These functions enables to reduce the code size.
        Example of built-in function:
        unsigned int a,b;
        unsigned long c;
        void sample(void)
        //  c=a*b;              /* normal description of C language */
            c=_mul(a,b);     /* description of using built-in function */