F2MC-16LX To achieves the low consumption current mode without steady oscillation


F2 MC-16LX family is supported time-base timer mode as one of low consumption mode.
Time-base timer mode uses consumption current of approximately a few hundred µA, and this mode is possible to return to normal operating mode without oscillation stability wait time.
This mode is released by external reset, external interrupt, time-base timer interrupt and watch timer interrupt.
MCU status and consumption at time-base timer mode is as following (e.g. MB90385series)


MCU status of Time-base timer mode


main clock sub clock machin clock CPU Peripheral function of operating
OperateOperateStopStopOnly time-base timer and watch timer


Power supply current of Time-base timer mode :MB90385series case)


Symbol Conditions typ max Remarks
IctsVcc=5.0V, Oscillation frequency (HCLK)=4MHz Transfer from main clock mode750µA1.0mAFLASH


In case of setting oscillation frequency HCLK=4.096MHz and interval time=212/HCLK, time-base timer is possible to occur by 1.0ms, or it is possible to use as counter for watch.