Programmable Analog Blocks of the PSoC® Analog Coprocessor in Low-Power Modes - KBA211658

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What are the power modes in which the Programmable Analog Blocks – Universal Analog Block (UAB), Continuous Time Block (CTB), SAR ADC, and Programmable Reference Block (PRB) can be operated? 



PSoC Analog Coprocessor have three power modes – Active, Sleep and Deep-Sleep. The following table lists the modes in which the Programmable Analog Blocks can operate: 

Programmable Analog BlockPower Modes
UABActive, Sleep
CTBActive, Sleep, Deep-Sleep*
SAR ADCActive, Sleep
PRBActive, Sleep

* Limitations:

  1. 10x driver is available but 1x driver is disabled
  2. Input to the opamp is limited to (VDDA –1.5 V)
  3. For VDDA > 2.7 V, CTB is functional across the device operating temperature range specification with opamp high, medium, and low power modes. For 2.4 V < VDDA < 2.7 V, CTB functionality is limited to 0 to 85 °C temperature range with only low-power mode.  

For more information on the architecture of CTB and CTBm, see the technical reference manuals