How to Upgrade Firmware in HX3C - KBA212031

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    Translation - Japanese: HX3C のファームウェアをアップグレードする方法 - KBA212031 - Community Translated (JA)



    How to upgrade firmware in HX3C?



    USB Type-C/PD specification is continuing to evolve and the USB Type-C/PD products should continue to comply with the updated specification requirements.


    Products designed using HX3C, Cypress PD Hub has the capability to comply with the changing specification requirements by upgrading the Firmware. HX3C which has in-built USB 2.0 device (Billboard function) can be configured as a bridge for upgrading the firmware through USB from Windows OS machines. Cypress provides firmware upgrade utility tool to perform the updates. For more details on the firmware upgrade tool, visit and create a technical support case.