RF Regulatory Certifications for CYBLE-224110-00 and CYBLE-224116-01 EZ-BLE™ PSoC® XT/XR Modules - KBA213260

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Where can I find the RF Regulatory certification-related details for CYBLE-224110-00 and CYBLE-224116-01 EZ-BLE™ PSoC® XT/XR Modules?



CYBLE-224110-00 and CYBLE-224116-01 EZ-BLE PSoC XT/XR Modules are fully certified for FCC, IC, CE, MIC/TELEC, and KC. The certificates and test reports are attached with this article. The following table lists the compliance of the module to regulations across various regions.

North AmericaUSA, FCC Part 15.247 and Canada, IC (RSS-247 Issue 1)
EuropeETSI (EN 300 328), EN 60950-1, CISPR/EN 55022, EN 55024 & EN 301 489-1/17, EN 62479 
JapanMIC Notice No.88 Annex 43 
South KoreaKC 2013-157 & 2013-116 , KN 301 489-1&-17

The following table lists the certification IDs of different regulations

RegulationCertification ID
South Korea(KC)MSIP-CRM-Cyp-4110

* CYBLE-224110-00 and CYBLE-224116-01 have the same Certification ID 


  • CYBLE-224110-00 and CYBLE-224116-01 Certificates – Contains FCC, IC, MIC, and KC certificates
  • CYBLE-224110-00 and CYBLE-224116-01 Test Reports – Contains the test reports for FCC, IC*, MIC, KC, and CE. 
      *The test reports of FCC and IC are the same.