Known Limitations with CY4531/CY4541 EVKs Based on CCG EVK Baseboard Rev 04 or Earlier - KBA212600

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What are the known limitations with the CY4541/CY4531 EVKs which are based on Revision 04 or earlier of the CCG EVK baseboard?





Limitation 1: The VBUS voltage may drop below vSrcNew* when a peer device draws more than 3 A on a Type-C port.


Workaround: It is recommended to restrict the maximum sink current to 3 A.


Limitation 2: During voltage transitions (for example going from 5 V to 9 V or vice-versa), the overshoot and undershoot on VBUS may exceed the max and min limits of vSrcValid* by up to 10%.


Workaround: None


* Refer to Table 7-22, Source Electrical Parameters of USB Power Delivery Specification, Revision 2.0, Version 1.1 for more details


Note 1: These limitations got fixed in the Revision 05 of the CCG EVK baseboard. Hence they are not applicable on the CY4531/CY4541 EVKs which are based on CCG EVK baseboard, Revision 05 or higher.


Note 2: The Revision number of the CCG EVK baseboard can be found on the PCBA as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1. Identifying board revision number

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