3D Model Files for EZ-BLE Modules - KBA218122

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Where can I find the 3D model files for different EZ-BLE modules? 



The available 3D model files in STEP, IGES, Pro/E, SLD, and DWG formats for the existing EZ-BLE modules are attached in this Knowledge Base Article (KBA) for your reference. 

3D Model Package Name3D File Formats Included in DownloadModules that 3D Model files can be used for
CYBLE-012011-00_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProE, SLD, DWGCYBLE-012011-00, CYBLE-212019-00, CYBLE-212020-01 CYBLE-012012-10, CYBLE-212023-10 [See the note below the table]
CYBLE-014008-00_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProE, SLD, DWGCYBLE-014008-00, CYBLE-214009-00, CYBLE-214015-01
CYBLE-022001-00_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProE, SLD, DWGCYBLE-022001-00
CYBLE-222005-00_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProE, SLD, DWGCYBLE-222005-00, CYBLE-222014-01
CYBLE-224110-00_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProE, SLD, DWGCYBLE-224110-00, CYBLE-224116-01
CYBLE-212006-01_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProECYBLE-212006-01
CYBLE-202007-01_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProECYBLE-202007-01
CYBLE-202013-11_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProECYBLE-202013-11

Note: The 3D model file for CYBLE-012011-00 can be used for CYBLE-012012-10 and CYBLE-212023-10; the only difference is the absence of the RF shield that is contained in the CYBLE-012011-00 3D model.