3D Model Files for EZ-BLE/EZ-BT Modules – KBA218122

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Where can I find the 3D model files for different EZ-BLE/EZ-BT modules?



The available 3D model files in STEP, IGES, Pro/E, SLD, DWG, and DXF formats for the existing EZ-BLE/EZ-BT modules are attached in this Knowledge Base Article (KBA) for your reference.


3D Model Package Name3D File Formats Included in DownloadModules that 3D Model files can be used for
CYBLE-012011-00_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProE, SLD, DWGCYBLE-012011-00, CYBLE-212019-00, CYBLE-212020-01 CYBLE-012012-10, CYBLE-212023-10 [See the note below the table]
CYBLE-014008-00_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProE, SLD, DWGCYBLE-014008-00, CYBLE-214009-00, CYBLE-214015-01
CYBLE-022001-00_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProE, SLD, DWGCYBLE-022001-00
CYBLE-222005-00_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProE, SLD, DWGCYBLE-222005-00, CYBLE-222014-01
CYBLE-224110-00_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProE, SLD, DWGCYBLE-224110-00, CYBLE-224116-01
CYBLE-212006-01_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProECYBLE-212006-01
CYBLE-202007-01_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProECYBLE-202007-01
CYBLE-202013-11_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, ProECYBLE-202013-11
CYBLE-0130XX-00_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, DXFCYBLE-013025-00, CYBLE-013030-00
CYBT-343026-01_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, DXFCYBT-343026-01
CYBT-353027-02_3D.zip STEP, IGES, DXFCYBT-353027-02
CYBT-423028-02_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, DXFCYBT-423028-02
CYBT-413034-02_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, DXFCYBT-413034-02
CYBT-483039-02_3D.zipSTEP, IGES, DXFCYBT-483039-02