NX2LP Programming Utility Frequently Asked Questions - KBA212799

Version 3

    Version: *A


    Translation - Japanese: NX2LPプログラミングユーティリティのよくある質問 - KBA212799 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question 1: How are the NAND flash devices details stored in the programming utility?

    Answer: The NX2LP Programming Utility stores the details of NAND flash devices compatible with the NX2LP Controller in associated kits in two files in the installation directory:

    1. NandParts.xml—this file contains the devices that are discovered by the programming utility.
    2. OtherParts.xml – this file contains the devices that you add manually to the programming utility.


    When a CY3686 EZ-USB NX2LP-Flex Development Kit is connected to the PC and the programming utility is started, the utility searches for these files to detect compatible devices. If a NAND flash device that is present in the kit is not found in these two files, the utility prompts you to add the NAND parts.


    Question 2: What is the maximum size of the hex file that can be programmed on to the NAND flash using the NX2LP programming utility?

    Answer: 16 KB in size (0x0000 - 0x3FFF), which is the internal RAM boundary of NX2LP.


    Question 3: What are the contents of the default.nx2 file?

    Answer:  The default.nx2 file packages different hex files built off the NX2LP code. The default.nx2 file from the installer contains the hex file for a 512-byte page NAND flash chip and 2K-page NAND flash chip together. When you program a device, the programming utility selects the hex file based on the page size of the NAND flash device.

    You can build your own .nx2 files using the buildnx2 application available in the \bin folder of the DVK software installation. The NX2 currently supports interface with 512-byte, 2K-byte and 4K-byte page sizes.


    Question 4: When does the NandMfg.exe utility freezes,displaying the status ”Identifying device…”?

    Answer:  This happens if the parameters present in the NAND flash device look up table in the programming utility are incorrect. You should either add or modify the NAND flash device parameters.


    Question 5: How to add a NAND flash device?


    1. Connect the kit to the PC.
    2. Open the programming utility. The Add New NAND Part dialog appears.
    3. In the Add New NAND Part dialog, enter the parameters of the new NAND flash device.
    4. Click Save.


    Question 6: How to modify a NAND Flash Device?


    1. Navigate to <install directory>\CY3686 NX2LP-FLEX DVK\<ver>\MfgTool\ folder of the NX2LP Programming Utility installation.
    2. Right-click the OtherParts.xml file and select Open with WordPad.
    3. In the file opened in WordPad, delete the NAND flash part entry that you want to edit.
    4. Save the OtherParts.xml file.
    5. Reset the NX2LP board.
    6. Open the NX2LP programming utility. Because the programming utility now detects a NAND flash device that is not present in the flash device look up table, the “Add New NAND Part" dialog appears.
    7. Enter the parameters for the device and click Save.