Error Codes Returned when Programming a PSoC® 1 Device Using CY3207ISSP Programmer Through DOS Commands - KBA83340

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    Translation - Japanese: DOSコマンドを介してCY3207ISSPプログラマーを使用してPSoC®1デバイスをプログラミングするとエラーコードが返される- KBA83340 -



    What do the negative error codes that are returned when attempting to program a PSoC® 1 device using CY3207ISSP programmer through the DOS command line interface?



    You can program PSoC® 1 devices using CY3207ISSP programmer through DOS commands by following the procedure described in section 3.4 of the CY3207ISSP ISSP Guide ( These DOS commands return ‘0’ if the function is successful and a negative number if the function fails as indicated below:


    "-1” - Communication error. Unable to communicate with the device to be programmed.
    "-2” - No hex file loaded.
    "-3” - Silicon ID mismatch. Silicon ID of part does not match selected part number.
    "-4” - Incorrect Checksum.