Passing the Remote Wakeup Test – Enabled CV Test for Cypress USB Billboard Controller - KBA215811

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How do you pass the TD 9.12 – Remote Wakeup Test – Enabled test that is part of the Chapter 9 Tests (USB 2 devices) in the USB CV test tool for Cypress USB Billboard Controllers (CY7C65210, CY7C65217)?



The USB 3 Command Verifier (CV) test tool is an important utility that is required as part of achieving USB-IF compliance. For the Cypress Billboard device, you must run the following test suites in the CV tool:


  • Billboard tests
  • Chapter 9 tests [USB 2 devices]
  • HID tests


The Remote Wakeup Test – Enabled test is part of the Chapter 9 Tests (USB 2 devices) test suite in the USB 3 CV tool, as shown in Figure 1.




Fig 1: Remote Wakeup Test – Enabled


Unlike other tests that are part of this test suite, the Remote Wakeup Test – Enabled test requires manual intervention by the user. When this test is run, the CV tool expects a wakeup trigger. The tool will prompt the user to initiate a remote wakeup from the device, as shown in Figure 2.




Fig 2: Initiate Remote Wakeup prompt


The remote wakeup can be triggered in two ways:


  1. By pulling the WAKEUP pin (Pin 9) low
  2. By pulling the GPIO_1 pin (Pin 19) low


Either one of the above-mentioned two wakeup sources can be triggered. Once the trigger is successful, the test will pass , as shown in Figure 3. If no trigger is given when the test utility prompts for it, the test will fail.




Fig 3: Test Passed


It is recommended that customers make provisions on their board to manually trigger either of the above-mentioned sources if they plan to pursue compliance testing.