Passing the Remote Wakeup Test – Enabled CV Test for Cypress USB Billboard Controller – KBA215811

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    Translation - Japanese: リモートウェイクアップテストをパスさせる ー サイプレスUSBビルボードコントローラのCVテストを有効にする - KBA215811 - Community Translated (JA)



    How do you pass the TD 9.12 – Remote Wakeup Test – Enabled test that is part of the Chapter 9 Tests (USB 2 devices) in the USB CV test tool for Cypress USB Billboard Controllers (CY7C65210, CY7C65217)?



    The USB 3 Command Verifier (CV) test tool is an important utility that is required as part of achieving USB-IF compliance. For the Cypress Billboard device, you must run the following test suites in the CV tool:

    • Billboard tests
    • Chapter 9 tests [USB 2 devices]
    • HID tests


    The Remote Wakeup Test – Enabled test is part of the Chapter 9 Tests (USB 2 devices) test suite in the USB 3 CV tool, as shown in Figure 1.

    Fig 1: Remote Wakeup Test – Enabled


    Unlike other tests that are part of this test suite, the Remote Wakeup Test – Enabled test requires manual intervention by the user. When this test is run, the CV tool expects a wakeup trigger. The tool will prompt the user to initiate a remote wakeup from the device, as shown in Figure 2.


    Fig 2: Initiate Remote Wakeup prompt


    The remote wakeup can be triggered in two ways:


         1)   By pulling the WAKEUP pin (Pin 9) low

         2)   By pulling the GPIO_1 pin (Pin 19) low


    Either one of the above-mentioned two wakeup sources can be triggered. Once the trigger is successful, the test will pass, as shown in Figure 3. If no trigger is given when the test utility prompts for it, the test will fail.

    Fig 3: Test Passed


    It is recommended that customers make provisions on their board to manually trigger either of the above-mentioned sources if they plan to pursue compliance testing.